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Suspension arms ensure the correct position of the wheels relative to the vehicle body. These components are used to connect other elements of undercarriage with the body or the frame. They allow the wheel to move vertically relative to the body. These components partially absorb the oscillations caused by overcoming bumps. The average service life of these components is approximately 60,000 – 80,000 km.

What you should know about replacing suspension arms

  1. Components failure often manifests itself by knocking and screeching sounds from underneath the vehicle, especially during vertical movements of the body. The vehicle may pull to one side during driving. In addition, wheels become misaligned, which may be noticed by vibration during movement and uneven tire wear. Steerability and manoeuvrability deteriorate.
  2. The replacement procedure depends on the component type. These car parts usually have two, three, and four attachment points. In addition, they may be connected to other elements of the suspension through bushings or ball joints, which also determines the procedure.
  3. It is advised to have these car parts replaced at a service station. One needs a car lift or a jack for this. Pressing bushings and ball joints in and out requires special equipment. Besides, after the installation of new components, wheel alignment is needed, which requires a special platform.
  4. The components are always to be replaced together with bushings and ball joints. It is also advised to have new bolts installed.
  5. To increase the service life of the components, try to drive carefully, slow down before pits or other obstacles. Do not overload the vehicle. Buy suspension arms in our online shop: we are ready to confirm the superior quality of each car part with a long-term warranty. Remember: if operated properly, even inexpensive spare parts can last for many years.

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