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Stabiliser links are suspension components that ensure vehicle manoeuvrability, stability, and steerability. They ensure a flexible connection of the stabiliser bar with the steering knuckle or wheel hub. They allow limited mobility of mating elements and perform a damping function. These car parts are to be replaced every 30,000 – 50,000 km of mileage.

What you should know about replacing stabiliser links

  1. Malfunction of the components affects, above all, the road performance of the vehicle: it may pull to one side or become less stable in cornering. In manoeuvring and braking, the vehicle body swings excessively. When the vehicle rides over uneven surfaces, a knocking sound is heard from the suspension.
  2. Replacement of these components is best done at a service station: the operation is rather laborious and requires placing the vehicle on a car lift or over an inspection pit.
  3. It is also recommended to replace the stabiliser bushings that attach it to vehicle bottom or frame. Like the links, they work in aggressive conditions and are exposed to constant vibration loads and corrosive environment.
  4. These car parts are to be replaced in pairs per axle. To save on purchasing the spare parts, place your order for stabiliser links in our online store. Affordable prices, numerous promotions and the possibility of free delivery will help you service your vehicle better and cheaper.
  5. The service life of the components largely depends on the operating conditions of the vehicle. To avoid replacing them ahead of time, try driving safely and carefully, slow down when passing road irregularities and puddles, do not overload the luggage compartment. Purchase only high-quality components and entrust their installation to professionals.

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