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Ignition system & glow plug system: with Rexbo your spark will ignite

For optimum vehicle and engine performance, it is important that the spark plugs or glow plugs as well as all other components of the ignition system function correctly. It is for good reason that car manufacturers indicate fixed intervals for the replacement of spark plugs across all series, usually as part of a regular vehicle inspection at the workshop.

Oftentimes one wonders, however, which material costs are involved when replacing spark plugs, ignition cables and such. The solution: Rexbo auto parts. We are your online partner in your search for spark or glow plugs, ignition modules, ignition cables and additional high-quality components at reasonable prices. Our assortment includes everything from the pulse generator to the ignition cable as well as the ignition coil. Nothing is left to be desired.

Be it a glow plug, ignition cable or ignition module: we feature a large selection and low prices

In older cars, the ignition cables and spark plugs are usually very accessible, wherefore a DIY replacement is possible with little effort. But even with current models, you can save a lot of money by ordering the required type of glow plug or spark plug or a corresponding ignition module here, at Rexbo auto parts, online and then simply bring them with you to your inspection after prior agreement. Seeing how we exclusively offer proven branded products from manufacturers like Bosch or NGK, you do not have to compromise with regards to functionality and durability - only the best quality, but at a significantly lower price!