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Useful information about maintenance and inspection of AUDI vehicles

AUDI conquered the hearts of many drivers through its successful marketing campaigns and TV adverts. The legendary ski jump advert with the 100 Quattro was unforgettable. Generally, AUDI can be classified together with BMW and MERCEDES-BENZ as “premium brands”. The ads tend to highlight the sportiness of the vehicles and address drivers who appreciate understated elegance. At the turn of the new millennium, the Bavarian automobile manufacturer was a leader in interior design. The company’s designers strive to build on this reputation with modern interior concepts.

Acceptable breakdown statistics of the premium sports vehicles

AUDI covers all vehicle classes, from the small car A1 to the luxury vehicle A8, the TT sports car, and the Q7 SUV. The most frequently sold vehicle model is the midsize A4, which succeeded the A80 in 1994. High wear of the clutch and defective ignition coils are notable in petrol versions. Some owners of diesel A4s report torn timing belts. The A5 also has a very low rate of defects. When buying a used vehicle, you should remember to examine the drive shaft and wheel bearings and check for porous brake lines.

A3 – a defect-prone compact car

The compact vehicle A3 is a leader in its class when it comes to defects. The injection system caused problems in petrol engines until 2005. Models of the years 2003 and 2004 had weaknesses in their thermostats and water pumps. The A6 (which replaced the AUDI 100 in 1994) has a rust-prone exhaust system, wheel bearings that wear out at around 20,000 km, and a crankcase ventilation system that tends to leak.

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