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Useful information about maintenance and inspection of VW vehicles

Germany’s largest automobile manufacturer is able to win over car buyers with its comprehensive selection of models. The fact that almost every sixth passenger vehicle in Europe is a Volkswagen is a good reason to buy one, as it means you can find a wide variety of spare parts at low prices compared to other automobile manufacturers. Even buying spare parts for models that are more than 20 years old is usually not an issue. After production of the VW Phaeton ended in March 2016, the world’s second largest automobile manufacturer doesn’t have much to offer fans of luxury vehicles.

Common flaws in small and compact Volkswagen vehicles

The Lupo city car was launched on the market in 1998, aimed at buyers who want something small and inexpensive. In used versions of these German small cars, there are often defects in the wiper mechanism, the electric power windows, or the sun roof. In the Polo, the top-selling small car in Germany, the door seals, handbrake lever, brake hoses, and exhaust system are often in need of repair. The Golf, everyday workhorse and Germany’s most popular compact vehicle, is susceptible to failure of the brake components and the exhaust system, especially in the third and fourth generations. In newer models, the electrics often cause problems.

What to consider when buying used VW Passats and similar cars

The Passat is often used as a company car and the brakes show significantly higher wear on average. The bearings of the transverse links and trailing arms also need to be examined. The Bora has issues like sealing problems in the washing system, a broken fuel gauge or lock repairs, while Touran owners often complain about worn wheel hubs, wheel bearings, brake pads and brake discs, and defective turbochargers.

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As a long-standing supplier of automobile parts, we are committed to supplying our customers with inexpensive parts for VW vehicles quickly. We have a large selection of essential car parts in stock to ensure fast delivery times. We sell quality parts made by well-known manufacturers with impressive reliability and longevity. With just a few clicks, you can find various vehicle parts on our online shop, from servo pumps and drive shafts, to tension and idler pulleys, as well as fuel pumps for various model series for inexpensive car repair.

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