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Windscreen wiper and accessories for window cleaning? Of course!

If you don't have the best view when driving your car, it can quickly become dangerous. Therefore, the windscreen washer system must function properly at all times - not only when it’s snowing or raining, but also e.g. due to contamination of the windscreen by dust, insects or the like. The windscreen wiper or associated wiper blade are among the wearing parts of the vehicle and should thus be replaced regularly. A replacement should take place while the wiper motor is still running smoothly, but the wiper blade draws streaks on the glass and a clear view is no longer provided.

From the wiper fluid pump to the wiper blade: Rexbo has everything in stock for you

Wiper blades are usually easy to replace on your own; it is usually not necessary to visit the workshop. And: you can simply order your vehicle-specific replacement parts for windscreen cleaning here at Rexbo in order to save twice thanks to our top conditions. But not only the windscreen wipers but also the wiper fluid pump and the wiper motor rarely survive the long car life without damage. Furthermore, premium cars and most modern cars don't just have a system for windscreen cleaning, but also for headlight cleaning. Our online shop also includes suitable spare parts available for this purpose - from wiper motors to classic wiper blades and even wiper fluid nozzles.

Defective wiper, wiper fluid pump or wiper motor? Rexbo ensures a clear view!