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Useful information about maintenance and inspection of MERCEDES-BENZ vehicles

With the first cross-country motor journey by Bertha Benz in the year 1888, the first vehicle with a passenger safety cell or with electronic stability systems, and numerous other innovations, it’s no surprise that for many people MERCEDES-BENZ is synonymous with advanced automobile manufacturing. For decades, the Stuttgart automobile manufacturer has been known for comfort, safety, quality, and longevity. For many buyers, smooth driving at high speeds without any creaking or rattling sounds is the reason for choosing a vehicle made by the iconic German brand. Another advantage of this vehicle brand is the low depreciation in comparison to vehicles from other manufacturers. Due to the high purchase costs, new vehicles by MERCEDES-BENZ are usually reserved for financially strong buyers or people who want to treat themselves to something nice in old age.

Problem areas and reliable model series of the brand MERCEDES-BENZ

From the small compact A-Class to the top-of-the-line S-Class, MERCEDES-BENZ offers a broad range of vehicle models. In compact vehicles of the first two generations, problems in the automatic transmission due to rust are common. In newer models, typical issues are high brake wear, soft rubber bearings at the rear axis as well as worn brake lines and hoses. In the compact vans of the B-Class, the brake pads need to be exchanged frequently and at the front brake discs need replacing after around 70,000 kilometres. The C-Class is quite robust and reliable, with minor issues like defective injection pumps or corrosion in older models.

What to look for when buying a used vehicle from MERCEDES-BENZ

The model most likely to need repairs is the spacious Vito van, which is prone to some typical defects such as leaky fuel hoses, defective turbochargers and blown cylinder head gaskets. The coupés and cabrios of the CLK-Class are less susceptible to rust than the C- and E-Class. Defective alternators and starters as well as restricted functioning of the window regulators and engine control units are the most frequent deficiencies.

Money-saving repairs with inexpensive, high-quality parts

In the long term, it makes sense to keep vehicles by this German manufacturer in good condition. In our online shop, we offer spare parts such as glow and spark plugs, starter batteries, ignition cables, ignition modules, timing belts, or fuel filters for vehicles made by MERCEDES-BENZ and other automobile manufacturers at excellent value. We’d be happy to advise you on our vehicle components and offer you high-quality parts for inexpensive repairs. Order your spare parts conveniently online now without having to worry about long delivery times.

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