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Wheel bolts and nuts are used for attaching the wheels to the hubs. The service life of the fasteners is not limited.

What you should know about replacing wheel bolts and nuts

  1. When the fasteners fail, the wheel is no longer securely attached, which results in a free play. In some cases, it may even become unfastened during driving. The poor state of the fasteners is indicated by vehicle deviation from the desired path, and vibration in the suspension. Defects may also be detected during routine inspection.
  2. You can replace these components yourself using a torque wrench. Strictly observe the torque specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Do not use an air impact wrench, as there is a high risk of over-tightening the fasteners.
  3. If these care parts are corroded, they are often difficult to remove. In this case, it is recommended to apply special grease and leave it for the time specified by the manufacturer of the product. Usually, after such manipulation, the component is easy to remove with a wheel wrench of an appropriate size.
  4. Installation of flanged components has certain peculiarities. In particular, it is necessary to apply some lubricant between the washer and the hexagonal element during installation. With that, grease should not get on the part of the washer that contacts the wheel rim.
  5. As a rule, in case of failure of only one element, it is allowed not to replace the other ones, if there are no chips, cracks, and corrosion on their surface. Thus, troubleshooting is inexpensive. Replacement in a kit most often happens in the process of vehicle tuning. In our online shop, you can buy wheel bolts and nuts from trusted brands right now. While placing your order online, specify the vehicle make and model, and our support team specialists will help you purchase the products that definitely match all the specifications of your vehicle.
  6. If one of the fasteners has been lost, do not wait before buying a new one. It can be purchased separately at a low price. If the number of wheel bolts and nuts is less than required, they are exposed to excessive mechanical load and fail faster.

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