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Axle beam bushes connect components of suspension and absorb vibrations caused by vehicle operation. Their average service life is 100,000 – 150,000 km of mileage.

What you should know about replacing axle beam bushes

  1. When these car parts fail, knocking is heard from the suspension. In addition, the vehicle may pull to one side. Wheels often become misaligned.
  2. It is recommended to buy axle beam bushes in a kit per axle since they are to be installed simultaneously. You can order these components inexpensively in our online shop. The components are to be replaced at a car repair shop. The vehicle should be placed on a car lift, and a special puller is required for dismantling faulty components. After the operation, specialists will align wheels of the vehicle.
  3. The service life of these components is largely determined by the driving style and the state of the roads where the vehicle is operated. Frequent driving over irregularities at high speeds causes accelerated wear.

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