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Useful information about maintenance and inspection of FORD vehicles

While American automobile manufacturer FORD has dominated the British car market for over 100 years, it has never reached the same level of popularity in other European countries, in part due to poor performance in breakdown statistics, which has since improved drastically. According to the German automobile club ADAC, 50 out of 1,000 Mondeos had a breakdown in the year 2005, whereas in 2012 it was only 5. Thanks to the huge choice of used Fords on the market, you’re sure to find one to suit your tastes. If you’re aware of the common defects of specific models and know where to get good quality spare parts cheap, a FORD can be a good bet.

Popular FORD models and their typical problem areas

The small car Ka, launched in 1996, attracted attention for its unusual design, which manages to be cute without being twee. Used vehicles up to the year 2000 often have problems with their exhaust system. Owners of models up to the year 2006 often have to deal with issues regarding rust. Other things to watch out for are axle problems and increased wear of the brakes. The family vehicle S-MAX is known for its spacious interior. Typical problem areas in models up to the year 2009 are the turbocharger and diesel particulate filter. Otherwise, signs of wear are mostly limited to worn-out tie rod ends and defective light bulbs.

Kuga and Fiesta are FORD favourites of MOT testers

The compact MPV C-MAX often has electrical issues, such as failure of warning lights or the central locking system, and removing the pollen filter is a particularly fiddly job. The SUV Kuga gets top marks when it comes to ease of maintenance. A defective mass air flow meter is a common problem. The small car Fiesta, manufactured since 1976, seems to be a favourite with MOT testers. Besides increased wear of light bulbs, worn timing belts and worn oil sealing rings, there is little to criticise in this supermini. FORD Escort owners should keep an eye out for the drive shaft, excessive oil loss, and corrosion.

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