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Ball joints connect suspension arms with the hubs of the drive wheels, allowing the latter to move in the vertical plane while maintaining a fixed position in the horizontal plane. Often the service life of the components is 90,000 to 100,000 km of mileage. However, it depends largely on the vehicle operating conditions. The state of the components should always be checked before long trips.

What you should know about replacing the ball joints

  1. Faulty ball joints manifest themselves in noises in the suspension when the vehicle is operated on poor quality road surfaces and uneven tyre wear. In addition, turning the steering wheel requires considerable effort.
  2. The components are better to be replaced at a service station since, after their installation, wheel alignment is required. A lifting device and a special puller are needed for replacement. This equipment allows dismantling the car parts quickly and safely. It is not recommended to use means at hand, such as a sledgehammer. The fact is that intensive shock loads are detrimental to the undercarriage components and reduce their service life.
  3. If the component is an integral part of the arm, you should purchase an assembly.
  4. These car parts are to be replaced in a kit per axle, even if only one of them was found faulty. The number of components on each side is determined by the design of the vehicle. In our online shop, you can inexpensively and quickly buy ball joint kits, which also contain fasteners.
  5. To extend the service life of the components, reduce the risk of impacts. For this purpose it is advisable, for example, to slow down before overcoming obstacles on the road.
  6. It is recommended to check the integrity of the dust boots periodically. Their poor state results in car parts exposure to moisture and dirt, which results in their quick wear.

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