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Bosch is one of the world's leading automotive suppliers

Over the past decades, Bosch has established its market position as the world's largest automotive supplier. In Germany alone, over 118,000 people work at 80 different sites, providing innovative ideas and products. The spare parts business segment is one of the company’s flagships and generates a large portion of the total revenues year after year. Based on this, it is clear that the company attaches particular importance to the further and new development of automotive sector products. The specialty of Bosch is that the company always aims to supply the widest possible range of vehicle brands and thus offers something for everyone.

Complete equipment from one production line

From components of exhaust systems to those of ignition systems, Bosch’s product portfolio offers almost everything one might need for professional vehicle repair. It is crucial that all car parts originate from one and the same manufacturer - one that places very high value on the processing and quality of the products. As the market leader, Bosch is able to offer optimum value for money, making even expensive parts such as the engine, transmission, brakes and fuel system affordable to ordinary end users. Especially in the area of fuel systems, Bosch is the largest supplier of injection systems worldwide and has been consolidating this position for many years. Furthermore, the fact that Bosch supplies almost every car brand should be viewed positively, because even high-quality vehicle makers such as Audi and Mercedes take advantage of this company's product range.

Innovation and development are paramount

Constant innovations, further development and improvement of already existing products are firmly rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit of Bosch. Like no other supplier, Bosch contributed a great deal to pioneering ideas in the past. For example, Bosch launched the first Electronic Stability Program (ESP), which can be found now in almost every car. Bosch is currently producing the most advanced common rail system available for purchase on the market. It reduces fuel consumption and emissions, and simultaneously increases the vehicle performance. Apart from new products, proper service and customer care are of crucial importance to the company. As a result, Bosch has launched a franchise concept, with selected workshops across almost all regions representing the company and its high-quality products. This shows that Bosch always strives to provide its customers with top-notch operating performance and service life of any product.