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Engine - Important spare parts group of a car

Engine components make up a broad category of car parts including various spares, devices, and mechanisms that are responsible for converting the energy of fuel combustion into kinetic energy. This category includes parts which are directly responsible for creating torque (for example pistons, crankshafts and camshafts, connecting rods, piston rings, rocker arms); elements that ensure reliable attachment of the engine (mounts and fasteners); seals and gaskets that ensure the tightness of combustion chambers and various connections; and sensors that optimize the process of the fuel and air mixture formation and combustion.

Important information about engine elements

  • With proper care, the engine and assemblies have a long service life. In many cases, their service life is equal to that of the whole vehicle. However, there are some components that should be replaced within a certain timeframe. For example, oil filters and engine air filters need to be replaced after roughly 15,000 km, valve stem seals about every 100,000 km, piston rings around 150,000 – 200,000 km and hydraulic lifters every 120,000 – 150,000 km. The seals are usually disposable and should be replaced every time a particular car unit is maintained.
  • Most maintenance work on an engine should be performed at a repair shop, as it generally requires knowledge and experience as well as specialist equipment. However, this does not apply to components that do not directly affect the operation of the engine and are accessible, for example, the valve cover gasket.
  • Repairing an engine is usually a large-scale intervention (i.e. one that covers all engine components and assemblies), which includes replacing old disposable elements. Therefore, car owners often prefer to use repair kits that makes purchasing all required parts cheaper. Before ordering engine parts, first decide on what kind of works you are going to perform, then contact our specialists, who will help you choose the most appropriate items from the catalogue.
  • To ensure a long service life and optimal functioning of an engine, it is very important to stop it from overheating, to replace motor oil and filters in time, to use only high-quality fuel and additives recommended by the manufacturer and to check and maintain the proper state of the cooling system.