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Useful information about maintenance and inspection of TOYOTA vehicles

The carmaker TOYOTA has made a worldwide name for itself with its environmentally conscious and reliable cars. While the Japanese brand has a reputation for being a sensible but boring choice with bland-looking cars, this is changing as the company takes a bolder design approach. At the same time, the Japanese group can offer technically advanced vehicles at comparatively inexpensive prices thanks to its innovative production system, which has made it the largest automobile manufacturer worldwide.

TOYOTA – sturdy vehicles with few weaknesses

The Corolla is one of the most sold vehicles in the world and has been synonymous with durability and reliability for decades. The common-rail diesel model sometimes has defective turbochargers or problems with its high-pressure pumps. In 1997 the Prius, the first large-scale production model with a hybrid engine, was released onto the market. This petrol-electric hybrid vehicle is also relatively trouble-free, with common problems being discharged starter batteries, excessive air conditioning refrigerant loss, and defective light bulbs. Inspections of the city runabout TOYOTA Yaris tends to show high wear of brakes and clutches as well as defective ignition locks and headlights.

Problems with the Auris, Avensis, and other models

The mid-size model Avensis that launched in 1997 as a successor to the Carina has just as good a reputation. The catalytic converter tends to be a weak point, especially in models with D-CAT. Further issues that drivers need to be aware of are rusting battery clamps and engine compartment mounts. In a used compact SUV RAV4, the axis joints should be checked if you drive off-road on a regular basis. Clutch parts should also be checked carefully. In the compact Auris, premature wear of the brake discs and failure of the immobiliser are common issues.

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Although the vehicles of this hybrid pioneer are generally safe from breakdowns, the spare parts to fix a failure are often rather expensive. As a long-standing and customer-friendly vehicle spare parts supplier, we offer axle boots, batteries, timing belts, filters, engine seals, air and hydraulic filters as well as other vehicle parts at relatively low prices. Providing high-quality parts is a given for us. We only sell repair parts from renowned brands known for their functionality and longevity. Secure payment, fast delivery, and friendly customer support are just a few of the reasons why you’ll be glad you ordered from us.

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