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Water pumps ensure circulation of the antifreeze in the cooling system. Their average service life is 100,000 to 120,000 km of mileage.

What you should know about the water pump replacement

  1. A symptom of pump failure may be extraneous noise when the engine is running. In addition, failure of the mechanism is often accompanied by coolant leakage. This leads to engine overheating, which is signalled by the corresponding dashboard warning light. In addition, an unpleasant odour may appear in the passenger compartment and steam — under the hood.
  2. The device should be replaced at a service station. This is due to the fact that often a lot of other elements have to be removed to gain access to it. The fasteners should be tightened with a torque wrench, observing the recommended torque.
  3. If the component is driven by the timing belt, each time the belt is replaced, the unit should be inspected. Installation of a new pump is often required. Many manufacturers offer these components in kits that are relatively inexpensive. In our online shop, you can buy water pumps separately or together with tensioning pulleys and other components of the belt drive. Reasonable prices and regular promotions will help you save.
  4. After device installation, it is desirable to fill the system with new coolant.
  5. Use high-quality antifreeze and replace it in time. The suitable type of antifreeze is specified in the vehicle manual. Never use pure water. In addition, upon detecting traces of the working fluid under the hood, immediately contact a service station to have the leakage removed. This will prolong the service life not only of the pump but also the power unit as well.

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