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Cylinder head cover is used to protect the engine valves from dirt and moisture. It prevents oil splashing in the engine compartment. Car manufacturers do not specify the exact service life of the component, as it should be replaced when the tightness is lost.

What you should know about replacing a cylinder head cover

  1. The component deformation or cracking is frequently the result of engine overheating. In this case, the Check Engine dashboard warning light goes on. The damage may be noticed during a scheduled inspection of the unit. In addition, a sharp decrease of the oil level in the system takes place.
  2. To have a new component installed, you should contact a service station. It should be installed with the use of a torque wrench, strictly observing the torque specified by the manufacturer.
  3. Before ordering the cylinder head cover at our online store, check whether the gasket is supplied together with it. The thing is, that when installing a new head cover, a new gasket should be used. In some cases, the latter is sold separately at a low price, in other cases — together with the component.
  4. It is recommended to inspect the cover for defects during each maintenance. Use extreme caution when working in the engine compartment. Even a slight impact on the component may crack it.

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