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Poly-V belts are used to transmit torque from the engine to accessories ― the alternator, water pump, cooling fan, and other units. Their estimated service life is on the average 60,000 – 80,000 km of mileage.

What you should know about replacing a Poly-V belt

  1. The first symptom of component wear is whistling, screeching, and squealing sound from under the hood. You can also notice that the efficiency of the respective systems has decreased. For example, if the belt that transmits the torque to the generator fails, the battery may stop charging. Failure of the component that ensures operation of the power steering pump may be noticed by the increased effort required to rotate the steering wheel. Incorrectly operating cooling system fan drive may cause engine overheating. Inspecting the part surface, you may notice cracks, scoring, abrasions, glossy areas or chunks that came off, and traces of oil.
  2. Replacement of the Poly-V belts should be left to professionals. Sometimes the component may only be accessed by removing accessory equipment. Besides, it is important to ensure alignment of the pulleys and proper tension of the belt, which is sometimes a problem without special equipment. The replacement procedure depends on the design of the drive system, the type of tensioners used, and their number. A detailed algorithm is specified by the vehicle manufacturer in the owner’s manual.
  3. Going to buy Poly-V belts? Order tensioners and pulleys, too: it is recommended to replace all components of the belt drive in a kit. In our online shop, you will find a wide choice of high-quality car parts at an affordable price.
  4. To avoid premature wear of the component, check and adjust its tension periodically. If it is insufficient, the component will slip and abrade fast. Excessive tension may cause breakage of this car part. Keep the engine compartment clean: mud has an abrasive effect on the contact surfaces. Promptly fix leaks, since oil, coolant, and fuel destroy the material of the belt. You can install a special cover in the engine compartment that will protect the belt drive from dirt, moisture, and chemicals.

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