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Funnel, oil dipstick METZGER
£ 4,37
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Bolt, brake disc METZGER
£ 2,60
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Jack Support Plate METZGER
£ 10,22
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Cable Repair Set, glow plug METZGER
£ 10,99
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METZGER car parts catalogue

Highest quality as the strongest point

When Werner M. Metzger founded the company in 1980 and began importing brake shoes, it was impossible to predict the extent of his intentions. Today, Metzger Autoteile represents the highest quality in terms of car parts. The family business has been working with many suppliers for several decades. In the course of this cooperation, durable relationship between the partners has been built, whereby a consistently high quality of the products is guaranteed. This wasn't just recognized by all renowned car manufacturers on the market, but also by luxury vehicle manufacturers. Auto parts by Metzger can be found in top brands like Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Maybach and many more. The company's philosophy of customer-oriented approach, motivation and continuity is respected and realized by the 70+ employees. All of Metzger Autoteile's suppliers are ISO-certified, and are suppliers of well-known car brands. This ensures that customers are provided with the highest possible quality of spare parts, since most products correspond to original parts. The high standard of the offered products is maintained by regular assessments, controls and qualification of the suppliers. This ensures a future-oriented development in cooperation with the suppliers, with the objective of keeping pace with the technical progress of all vehicles. The most important point the company has always pursued is the satisfaction of all customers. In order to implement this objective, Metzger Autoteile places the highest value on correct service and customer contact.

Large product range characterized by high quality

What started back then with brake shoes, has resulted in over 20,000 products for the automotive aftermarket today. While in the past only brake shoes were offered, today the entire brake system, including brake discs and pads, brake hoses, hydraulics, control cables and much more are offered. The expansion of the product range covered almost all vehicle-relevant spare parts. Metzger also sells engine control systems, ignition coils, engine and transmission mounts, suspension springs, and many other products for professional vehicle repair. The difference between Metzger Autoteile and other suppliers are years of experience and cooperation with consistent suppliers. The result is a solid cooperation that ensures the development and manufacture of high quality parts. And, of course, it is the customers who benefit most from this. The high wear-resistance and durability of each product guarantees enormous quality for every customer. Thanks to their broad product portfolio and the consistent standards, Metzger is notable in the industry for OEM quality.