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Headlight bulb HELLA
£ 2,52
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Ignition coil HELLA
£ 27,87
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Wiper blade HELLA
£ 8,59
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Bulb, spotlight HELLA
£ 2,91
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HELLA car parts catalogue

Lighting technology as a strong point

For more than 100 years, the Hella Group has been developing and manufacturing components and systems for lighting and electronics in the car parts segment. With 29,000+ employees at more than 100 locations in over 35 countries around the world, Hella is one of the world's largest suppliers on the aftermarket. What makes Hella special is that the company covers almost every vehicle on the market. Thus, the innovative and high-quality lighting technology is available for almost every vehicle out there. In the field of lighting technology, Hella makes headlights, signal lights and interior lighting. Innovative products in the current spare parts market are sensor-controlled headlight systems that adapt to the driving and weather situation, as well as glare-free high beams. Hella is at the very top in the automotive parts market for vehicle-specific lighting. They have the best market coverage. Therefore, it is safe to say that none of those who values quality and durability will pass by Hella's products when it comes to their car’s lighting.

Service, environment and quality

The self-declared and ultimate goal of the company is high customer satisfaction and maintaining top product quality. First-class quality is Hella's highest priority and is the benchmark for all their activities. Such high standards stem from Hella’s responsibility towards customers, suppliers and workers. To ensure the achievement of stated goals, a holistic Total Quality Management concept was adopted. With over 5,600 employees in research and development, Hella is one of the key innovation players in the market. Thus they strive to continuously improve their products, technologies and processes to provide better environmental friendliness. Green design serves to ensure that energy efficiency, recycling requirements and substance restrictions are always taken into consideration during the product development process. Key aspects of the development and innovation efforts are reflected by the consumption reduction and efficiency growth. There are three optimization directions: the cost savings for the driver by reducing fuel consumption, conserving resources, and minimizing CO2 emissions.

Expansion of further product fields

During the steady development of the company, its product offering was also expanded in order to be competitive in other areas as well. In the spare parts segment, Hella operates one of the largest trading organizations for vehicle parts, accessories, diagnostics and services in Europe. In the special applications segment, Hella also makes products for special vehicles and completely independent areas including street or industrial lighting. Furthermore, the joint venture company produces complete vehicle modules, air conditioning systems and electrical systems. With respect to these business areas, the scale and market coverage of the company become absolutely apparent. For example, Hella offers a powerful software for ever-increasing repair volumes involving sensors, actuators and control units. What’s especially important and noteworthy with regards to all of these products is their consistently high quality.