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Useful information about maintenance and inspection of VOLVO vehicles

For decades, the philosophy of the vehicle brand VOLVO has been to manufacture the world’s safest vehicles. They were the first company to install the three-point belt as standard in 1959. The Swedish automotive company is a leader in modern active and passive safety. At the same time, this premium brand is known for high finishing quality as well as for dependable yet powerful and increasingly fuel-efficient engines. The brand, which has been part of the Chinese Geely group since 2010, is well established in the SUV segment and with the new S90 series also in the luxury vehicle segment.

What weaknesses to expect in VOLVO models

If you buy a used S40 or V40 estate, be prepared to carry out some repairs. In the first years of production of the versions of these mid-size vehicles that were marketed until 2004, the Swedish manufacturer wasn’t able to live up to the familiar reliability of previous years. Typical weaknesses included rear axles that were prone to failure, porous brake hoses, rusting brake lines and quickly worn brake discs. With the successor, the V50, there was no improvement in reliability. They often have problems with the recirculation valves, starters, starter batteries, particle filters in diesel engines, or issues with the power steering.

Common defects in SUVs and luxury vehicle models

If you’re thinking of purchasing the luxury class vehicle the V70, you should watch out for worn joints at the front axle, defective water pumps, as well as cracks in the toothed belt in case of insufficient service intervals and high mileage. In diesel engines, loose charge air cooler hoses and leaks at the injection system can cause the turbocharger to fail. The SUV XC90 is known to be very robust. It doesn’t tend to need expensive repairs except for leaky servo pumps or wear of joints, track rod ends, coupling rods, carrier joints and suspension bushes at high mileage.

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