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Motor type
Motor type

Spare parts that fit TOYOTA C-HR

1.8 Hybrid (ZYX10_) 122 PS 11.2016 - ...
1.8 Hybrid (ZYX10_) 98 PS 10.2016 - ...
1.2 (NGX10_) 116 PS 10.2016 - ...
1.2 4WD (NGX50_) 116 PS 10.2016 - ...
2.0 (ZGX10) 145 PS 02.2017 - ...
Other C-HR models

Parts for C-HR and other TOYOTA models

  • Yaris Hatchback (_P1_)
  • Yaris Hatchback (_P9_)
Other YARIS models
  • AVENSIS (T25_)
  • AVENSIS Estate (ZRT27, ADT27)
Other AVENSIS models
  • COROLLA (ZZE12_, NDE12_, ZDE12_)
  • COROLLA Verso (ZER_, ZZE12_, R1_)
Other COROLLA models
  • AURIS (NRE15_, ZZE15_, ADE15_, ZRE15_, NDE15_)
  • AURIS (NZE18_, ZRE18_)
Other AURIS models
  • LAND CRUISER 90 (_J9_)
Other LAND CRUISER models
  • RAV 4 II (CLA2_, XA2_, ZCA2_, ACA2_)
  • RAV 4 III (ACA3_, ACE_, ALA3_, GSA3_, ZSA3_)
Other RAV 4 models
  • AYGO (WNB1_, KGB1_)
  • AYGO (PAB4_, KGB4_)
Other AYGO models
  • PRIUS Hatchback (NHW20_)
  • PRIUS (ZVW3_)
Other PRIUS models
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TOYOTA C-HR - What you should consider when choosing spares

Rexbo offers an enormous selection of different spare part brands. In order to get car parts that will surely fit, please, check your order and the vehicle model you have selected. Our vast range for TOYOTA C-HR comprises all components and consumables. Order car parts for TOYOTA C-HR at Rexbo to get the best value for money.