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Useful information about maintenance and inspection of PEUGEOT vehicles

PEUGEOT is one of the top car makers when it comes to environmental efficiency and safety. In recent years, the small car 208, the mid-size 407 or the SUV 2008 and a number of other vehicles from this brand received 5 stars in the EURO NCAP safety ratings. The vehicles of the French company, which belongs to the PSA Group, are popular among price-conscious buyers. The low prices for new and used cars as well as the powerful engines with low fuel consumption are part of what makes them so attractive. In contrast to significantly more successful competitors on the UK market like VW, PEUGEOT often offers special features in the standard equipment.

PEUGEOT – successful small cars

The vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Paris is one of the most successful small vehicle importers in the United Kingdom. The top-selling small vehicles are the 208, which replaced the 207 in 2012, in turn replacing the 206, the brand’s best-selling vehicle to date with over 5 million sold in Europe. The 205 was known for its leaky valve cover sealing, problems with the head gasket (in petrol engines), cracked axle boots, worn-out steering systems and damaged braking components. The 206 and 207 often had issues with dampers and springs. Newer versions of the 207 handled oil loss better, but tended to have problems with the alternator and the coolant temperature gauge. Smaller vehicles by the French manufacturer were released onto the market as the PEUGEOT 104, 106, 107, and since 2014 as the 108.

Weaknesses of compact and mid-size vehicles by PEUGEOT

The compact class vehicles such as the 306, which was released after the 309, or the successors 307 and 308 are cheaper alternatives to a Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus. The 307 often has issues with a broken dual mass flywheel, burst turbocharger, defective starter, and a moisture-sensitive ignition system. In the mid-size 406, the brake pads should be checked after a mileage of about 40,000 kilometres. A slipping clutch and problems with the gearbox and exhaust system are also common sources of trouble.

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