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Practical and distinctive designs are just a few reasons why NISSAN has been gaining popularity in {the UK} in recent years. The muscular Qashqai and the lifestyle car Juke both have eye-catching looks and the extensive and modern technologies in the basic equipment make these Japanese cars especially interesting for price-conscious buyers. Another advantage is the generous head- and legroom in many models, which is particularly appreciated by with taller drivers.

NISSAN – successful models in Europe and the UK

Thanks to the upswing in the European and British car market, the Japanese UEFA Champions League sponsor can report good sales numbers in the SUV market. The compact SUV Qashqai has been their big success in recent years. If you’re looking to buy one used, you should check the brakes carefully because they show increased wear even at a low mileage. Other weaknesses include the dust boots of the drive shaft and the bearings of the transverse links and coupling rods. For the offroader X-TRAIL, released about 5 years earlier, the brake pads on the front axis need to be regularly checked for wear and replaced if necessary. Owners of the crossover Juke often complain of excessive engine oil consumption.

Typical NISSAN weak points

The Almera, produced between 1995 and 2006, was quite reliable, mainly having minor issues such as door seals coming loose and defective wiper motors and windscreen wipers. Typical weak points of the mid-size vehicle Primera are burnt head gaskets and leaks in the expansion tank. The small car Micra is a bit more prone to problems; it’s recommended to replace the timing belt every 80,000 kilometres. Furthermore, the exhaust system is susceptible to rust and the axle suspension and steering are often in need of repair.

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