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Useful information about maintenance and inspection of HONDA vehicles

As the world’s largest car engine manufacturer, HONDA has long been one of the vehicle brands with the most reliable and technically advanced engines. One example of this is the variable valve timing system VTEC, which was released in 1983. With this, the Japanese company was able to market fuel-efficient cars that combined small engines with a sporty drive. In recent years, the Japanese motorcycle and vehicle producer failed to keep pace with the world’s top brands, which is reflected in the split with McLaren in Formula One. HONDA’s specialities include the Type R models (the NSX, Accord, Integra, and Civic), which use modern technology from professional motorsports.

HONDA – no experiments, just reliable vehicle parts

Whether new or used, this brand is known for good equipment at a reasonable price. However, owners may need to dig a bit deeper when buying spare parts. The compact class vehicle Civic, one of the world’s best-selling models, is very popular on the UK market. It hardly had any weaknesses except for high wear of the brake pads and brake discs. With the small car Jazz, first launched in 1984, the Japanese marque again eschewed experimentation in favour of building reliable components. The only common problems are defective strut bearings, fast-wearing brake calipers, corroded brake pipe tubing, and loose protective plates at the catalytic converter.

HONDA models and their typical weaknesses

The Accord, especially popular with older men, is susceptible to damaged rubber bearings of the transverse links and high wear of the brakes. Models of the sport coupé CRX manufactured up until the year 1991 are susceptible to rust. Furthermore, the water cooler should be checked for leaks and the toothed belt should be exchanged at around 100,000 kilometres. The weaknesses of the sports vehicle Prelude are worn wheel bearings, defective automatic transmission, windscreen wiper pumps, thermostats, and the rear strut bearings.

Extensive range of spare parts at inexpensive prices

To keep the cost of repairing a HONDA manageable we offer original-quality vehicle parts at especially inexpensive prices. We offer thermal switches, engine seals, radiator hoses, lambda sensors, catalytic converters, and much more. You can order the parts you need around the clock from our online shop. Other reasons to choose us as your supplier include customer-friendly payment methods, fast delivery times, and professional advice.

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