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Useful information about maintenance and inspection of DAIHATSU vehicles

The Japanese carmaker DAIHATSU specialises in economic vehicles with small, fuel-efficient engines, agile superminis, and spacious vans. However, the budget brand, a subsidiary of TOYOTA, was never very successful in Europe. As a result, the automobile manufacturer ceased sales in Europe, including the UK, at the beginning of 2011. Nevertheless, there are a few reasons why buying one used can make sense. The spare parts supply is ensured until at least 2028. The price of used vehicles of models like the Charade or Sirion has dropped further since the withdrawal from the European market. In addition, these Japanese car models are among the best in terms of reliability statistics.

DAIHATSU – cheap and reliable used vehicles

Especially in the small vehicle segment, DAIHATSU models covered a broad range. But due to a lack of availability, insufficient safety equipment and prices for new and used vehicles that just weren’t attractive enough, the car brand, founded in 1907, only had a niche existence in the UK. However, the cars do have a reputation for being spacious and reliable. The small car Cuore only attracts negative attention with its high wear of the brakes and clutch, porous fuel lines or problems with the heat exchanger of the air conditioning. The microvan Move is a dependable car as long as it is well protected from rust, the oil filter is changed every 15,000 kilometres, and the toothed belt is replaced at around 100,000 kilometres.

Classic weaknesses of the Japanese small car maker

The small SUV Terios is prone to corrosion and tends to have a short battery life, while it rarely has any flaws in the electrics. The saloon Applause is susceptible to oil loss at the engine and transmission, worn-out drive shafts and defective cylinder head gaskets as well as rust at the rear axis. In the off-road vehicle Rocky, the release bearing and clutch disc require frequent replacement, and worn transmission seals can cause issues.

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We always have components such as tension and idler pulleys, water and fuel pumps, filters, light bulbs and spark plugs and many more for the repair of your DAIHATSU in stock. Quality parts at top prices make us a customer-friendly supplier whose customers appreciate our fast delivery of spare parts as well as our expertise in vehicle parts. Order now and enjoy a customer-oriented service you’re sure to be satisfied with.

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