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Useful information about maintenance and inspection of CITROËN vehicles

CITROËN has long been associated with comfort and the brand strives to make its models the most comfortable in their segments. With the hydro-pneumatic suspension, the French vehicle manufacturer created a unique selling point which is a byword for relaxed driving. But the brand with the double chevron offers more than just a pleasantly comfortable drive. The French company has made a name for itself with innovations like the first car with disc brakes on all four wheels or the first lane departure warning system. With models like the C1 to C8 as well as the Xsara or Berlingo, they offer value-for-money vehicles in every class, so every driver can find one that suits their needs.

CITROËN – inexpensive used vehicles for bargain hunters

New CITROËN vehicles have a comparably high loss of value, which makes the French automobile brand interesting for used vehicle buyers and bargain hunters. Especially popular is the mid-size C5, the successor to the Xantia, produced between 1993 and 2001, which, with his hydractive chassis, enjoyed the usual popularity in France. Older vehicles often had problems with the cylinder head gaskets of the hydropneumatics and defective air conditioning condensers. The small car Saxo was replaced with the C2 in 2003, which had problems with cracked springs as well as defective starters and alternators up until 2006. Diesel engines also tend to have issues with the injection system.

Used vehicles by CITROËN – neither full nor free of weaknesses

Worn track rod ends, transverse links and brakes tend to make the Jumpy more expensive to maintain. The Eurovan C8 or Evasion, which was developed and produced as a cooperation between the PSA Group and Fiat, has problems with high oil loss and oil usage, a rust-susceptible brake system, as well as issues with the gearbox.

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