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Retrofitting a tow bar - no problem thanks to Rexbo!

The reasons for using a tow bar are just as diverse as the different car models from VW, Audi, BMW and numerous other manufacturers, for which we sell retrofit kits including the respective fitting adapter and electrical kit. Whether completely classic for towing a trailer or caravan, or to facilitate safe installation of a rear-mounted bicycle carrier, one thing always applies: once you get used to having a tow bar, you won't want to do without it ever again.

No tow bar from the factory? Rexbo has the solution.

Those who own cars which are equipped with a trailer coupling from the factory can consider themselves lucky. However, if you are not among this group of people, you will find high-quality, easily installed retrofit solutions including suitable electrical kits at Rexbo. You can depend on it: with a high quality manufactured trailer hitch, your car can be retrofitted in no time and becomes far more versatile than before. Furthermore, you can say goodbye to rust and other damage resulting from a retrofitted trailer hitch thanks to precisely matching fasteners, adapters & more.

Your options are as versatile as the tow bar itself: if you've already installed a trailer coupling and electrical kit featuring a 7- or 13-pin connector, but would like to tow a trailer with a different pole connector, we also offer the appropriate adapter for the electrical kit.

Whether installed permanently or a detachable tow bar - Rexbo is your first choice.