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The tie rod assembly transmits force from the steering wheel to the drive wheels and maintains the required steering angle in manoeuvring. These components do not have a fixed service life. Their state is checked during routine inspection.

What you need to know about replacing a tie rod assembly

  1. Failures are most often indicated by a knocking sound in the suspension during vehicle operation, its deteriorated stability, vibration and excessive free travel of the steering wheel. Besides, inspection of the unit may reveal free play in the tie rod ends.
  2. When symptoms of failure are detected, order a tie rod assembly and contact a service station for installation. Easy and safe work requires special equipment, including a lifting device.
  3. The process of removing an old component may be difficult because of corrosion. To extract the component carefully, specialists pre-treat the connections with an anti-corrosion agent.
  4. In most cases, a special puller is used. After replacement of the component, wheels have to be realigned.
  5. When the vehicle is operated on poor quality road surface it is desirable to avoid high speeds and overcome obstacles smoothly. For example, special care should be taken while crossing railway tracks. This helps to prolong the service life of the components.
  6. Check the state of tie rod end dust boots from time to time. Upon detecting defects, you should buy them in our online shop as soon as possible. The components are relatively inexpensive and, when replaced in a timely manner, minimize the risk of abrasive particles and water ingress into the mechanism.

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