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Sensors, relays, control units - Important spare parts group of a car

Sensors, relays and control units ensure the efficient operation of many systems and mechanisms of the vehicle. Sensors measure the parameters of the environment, relays adjust the voltage supply to the corresponding unit and controls units analyze signals from the sensors and send commands to engage and disengage actuators.

Important information about sensors, relays, and control units.

  • These parts do not have a specified service life, therefore they only need to be replaced when they break. Car owners tend to buy sensors, relays, and control units that are responsible for the operation of the engine, and the lubrication and cooling systems. Parts involved in the operation of the indicators are also popular. In vehicles with diesel engines, glow plugs’ relay may fail. Spare parts responsible for ensuring comfort, for instance, those responsible for the operation of wipers and headlights are replaced less frequently.
  • You can replace some components from this category yourself. For example, the relays located in the relay unit may be simply pulled out, and new components installed in their place. The same applies to the sensors, access to which is not blocked by other units and assemblies.
  • Sometimes, replacing a component requires dismantling the central armrest, removing wheels and wheel arch lining. If you have to work with components that are difficult to access, visiting a repair shop is recommended. Components with threaded connections may rust to the part they are attached to. In such cases, you will need specialist equipment to remove the component without causing damage.
  • To ensure a long service life of these parts and their correct operation, it is important that they are properly wired: voltage drops and short circuits are detrimental to electrical appliances. Sensors are very sensitive to contamination. Correct installation of the components is also important as exposure to vibration and unreliable attachment also leads to damage of the parts.