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Repair kits - Important spare parts group of a car

Repair kits are sets of components designed to maintain and replace a particular car unit. They usually include various dust boots, seals, fasteners, springs, washers, lubricants, and other components. In our online store, you can find kits for repairing various units and assemblies: the engine, brake calipers, CV joints, oil and fuel pumps, the steering rack, etc.

Important information about repair kits

  • The most popular kits are for the clutch and CV joints. Pumps, drive shafts, and brake calipers fail less frequently. However, there is no specific timeframe for their installation: repair kits should be purchased when the need occurs.
  • Installation of repair kits should be done by professionals. Even if the installation of the component itself is straightforward, problems may occur during disassembly of a specific unit. Specialist equipment may also be required, for example, clamp pliers when servicing a CV joint. Additional adjustments may also be required upon completion of maintenance or repairs. If installation of the repair kit involves depressurization of hydraulic systems, they will have to be bled.
  • The service life of the components can be maximised by proper care and careful operation of the vehicle. This involves cleaning the components regularly with products and in a manner recommended by the manufacturer. For example, brake caliper guides should be lubricated from time to time. It is recommended to purchase only high-quality products. They are available in the catalogue of our online store. By subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive up to date information about prices and promotions, giving you the perfect opportunity to make purchases at the best price.