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Coolant flanges are used for connecting hoses with the antifreeze tank, the cylinder head, and other parts. The service life of this part is not defined but it should be replaced if the connections lose airtightness.

Important information about coolant flanges

  1. The main symptoms of coolant flanges failure are drips of coolant under the bonnet and increased coolant consumption.
  2. We recommend buying a cooling system flange together with a gasket as they should be replaced together. You can order the gasket separately at a low price, or together with the part. Installing new fasteners at the same time is also recommended, as due to leakage of the fluid in the system, fasteners become oxidized and fail.
  3. You can install new flanges yourself, observing the safety measures when draining the working fluid. You will need suitable spanners and a torque wrench. Before installation, clean the seat of the part of the old gasket residue.
  4. The condition of the part is dependent on the quality of the antifreeze used. We recommend buying it in our online store, as we offer a large range from reliable manufacturers.

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