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Pipes and hoses - Important spare parts group of a car

Pipes and hoses are the elements that move liquids and gases from one unit to another. They are used in the systems of lubrication, air and fuel supply, cooling, air conditioning, removal of exhaust gases, and window cleaning. They are also used in the hydraulic units: brakes, clutch, and power steering.

Important information about pipes and hoses

  • Pipes and hoses are made of various materials. In most cases, hoses are made of rubber resistant to high temperatures and aggressive chemicals. Silicone may also be used, as it retains its elasticity for a long time. For improved strength, these parts are sometimes reinforced with synthetic fiber or metal threads. The pipes are made of polymer materials or metal.
  • Pipes and hoses used in the braking system should be replaced most frequently — approximately once in 5 years. In other cases, the parts should be replaced when they wear out. Their condition should be checked during every maintenance.
  • In most cases, new components should be installed at a repair shop. Work on the systems of cooling, air conditioning, or servicing hydraulic drives, require working fluid to be drained. After installation the system should be bled. This work is very difficult, so it requires knowledge and experience.
  • When buying pipes and hoses, remember to buy clamps and fasteners as they are also subject to wear. These parts are available in our online store at very reasonable prices. The amount of working liquid in your vehicle should also be kept in mind as after repair, working fluid needs to be topped up to a certain level.
  • To avoid premature damage to pipes and hoses, purchase only those that match the specification of your vehicle. Improper working pressure or incorrect diameter of parts is often the reason for their deterioration and results in incorrect operation of the system. It is important that pipes and hoses are not bent and do not touch moving components. You should also only use fluids recommended by the manufacturer, and flush appropriate systems from time to time, as dirt and deposits have a detrimental effect on the components.