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Engine oil is used to reduce friction and remove excess heat from the contacting parts of the engine and related units. In addition, it seals the gaps and ensures proper compression in the cylinders of the engine, removes soot and dirt from the surface of its elements. It remains functional for about 10,000 – 15,000 km. However, these are only general guidelines, as the service life largely depends on vehicle operating conditions and the base oil.

What you should know about replacing engine oil

  1. Sometimes the driver is unaware that the service life of the lubricant has expired. In fact, the oil pressure warning light, or the Check Engine light may come on with a delay, when the engine and its components are already significantly worn out. In some cases, the problems with oil intake may be the cause of troubled engine start. In addition, dark deposit or foam may be seen on the oil filler cap. Therefore, you should regularly, about once a week, check the condition of the working fluid in the lubrication system. For this, put a drop of oil on a clean white paper sheet placed on a flat surface. After 10-15 minutes, look at the shape and the colour of the spot. Dark colour, solid structure and particles of metal in the centre of the spot signify that you need to replace the working fluid urgently.
  2. In most cases, it is prohibited to mix lubricants with different base oils. If you have bought motor oil with the composition different from the one used previously, you may need to flush the system.
  3. It is better to replace engine oil at a service station because this process includes a laborious installation of a new oil filter.
  4. During replacement of the working liquid in the lubrication system, a new gasket of the drain plug should be installed, as it is disposable.
  5. To protect lubricant from losing its properties prematurely, try to use only high-quality fuel and take care of the proper state of the engine, the lubrication system, and the fuel supply system. Avoid driving too fast: when driving at the speed of 80-100 km/h, the risk of overheating the engine is minimal. In addition, use various additives with caution, as their improper use results not only in changing the lubricant properties but also in premature engine wear.

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