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Oils and fluids - Important spare parts group of a car

Oils and technical liquids are chemicals that ensure the operation of important components and assemblies. They include lubricants that prevent abrasion and overheating of contact surfaces, brake fluids that transmit the force from the main cylinders to the actuators, antifreeze that removes heat from the engine and other mechanisms, as well as anti-frost washer fluids that are used for cleaning the windshield and the headlights.

Important information about oils and service liquids

  • The performance of lubricants and other products in this category deteriorate over time. Therefore, most products have a strict replacement schedule. For example, motor oils should be replaced every 10,000 – 15,000 km, antifreeze ― once every 2 – 4 years and brake fluid ― once every 2 years. More detailed information can be found in your vehicle’s technical documentation.
  • Fluids should only be refilled to the recommended level. The level of the fluids should be checked frequently, as often as once a month for many components.
  • If you want to replace one of these liquids, visiting a repair shop is recommended, as this process is time-consuming and often requires other components to be replaced. Flushing the system may also be necessary, which requires specialist equipment and other car care products. Upon completion of the work, the system must be bled in order to remove air from the pipeline.
  • Before placing an order for oils and service liquids, check whether additional spare parts are required. For example, replacing oil requires the installation of new oil filters and the drain plug gasket. In the case of the cooling system, new clamps and hoses might be needed.
  • When choosing lubricants and other items in this category, choosing products that meet the specification of your vehicle is highly recommended, as only these products ensure the efficient operation of the corresponding systems. An overheated system will reduce the effectiveness of coolant, brake fluid and motor and transmission oil. Use additives with caution as they can cause premature failure of the engine, the gearbox, the fuel system, the engine lubrication, and cooling systems.