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Steering column switch allows controlling wipers, headlights, and turn indicators. The component does not have a specified service life.

What you should know about replacing the steering column switch

  1. Failure of this car part is indicated by the lack of response from the corresponding systems, for example, it may be impossible to turn the high beam on or off, or the turn indicator does not switch off automatically.
  2. It is recommended to have the new switch installed at a service station as the procedure involves working vehicle mains, and, sometimes, disassembling the steering wheel. It is also important to reassemble all the components correctly, including the airbag.
  3. Before buying a steering column switch, inspect its housing. If necessary, these components may be ordered simultaneously so that their delivery from an online store was cheaper.
  4. To prolong the service life of the component, avoid getting moisture inside its housing, as it causes short circuits. Besides, do not apply too much force to the turn signal switch, as the plastic retaining clips are easily damaged.

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