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All aspects of a car's interior: replacement parts from Rexbo

A car's interior is exposed to various types of strain as a result of everyday use. Every time you drive up to a parking garage, the window regulator is actuated. Adjustment of seat height and inclination occur whenever drivers are changed, which also puts stress on the robust seats. The complex technology and electronics installed inside a car's interior face quite a challenge due to the increasing life of modern vehicles. With the years, safety, communication and comfort systems are in special need of suitable spare parts. Here the range includes the seat or parking heater, alarm system as well as cruise control and even the car's airbag system and immobilizer.

Standard wearing parts and special elements for the interior

When we compiled our range, we increasingly paid attention to including a wide range of spare parts in order to cover all areas of a vehicle's interior design. At Rexbo, you will not merely find the "classics" - switches and pedal covers - yet also electric motors or control units for seat adjustment, covers for the luggage compartment and, of course, window regulators. What's more, is that we also carry items that one might easily forget when it comes to sourcing interior equipment: from gas springs for the Audi Q7 or VW Touareg foot parking brake or for the tailgate of various models to special parts like folding table gas springs, such as those found in the Renault Espace.

With regards to interior trim, you can count on the highest quality and lowest prices at Rexbo!