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Ventilation / Heating: The interaction between the control unit, heat exchanger & co.

Modern vehicles are usually equipped with air conditioning in addition to the heating. This often comes in the form of an automatic AC, the so-called climate control. The result is a significant increase in comfort compared to cars of earlier years of manufacture. However, it also means that a large number of components are necessary. The spectrum begins with the simple resistor used for the interior blower and reaches to the respective control unit and even extends to the cabin air filter.

The general way it functions and how it's replaced

The way the ventilation/heating is constructed compares to a conventional fridge. A heat exchanger serves to continuously cool a medium by means of evaporation. The cold from the evaporation continuously flows with the air, which passes through the cabin filter and into the passenger compartment via the air vents, thus causing the desired cooling effect. The control unit also receives data from an outdoor temperature sensor and displays it on the dashboard. On the basis of the difference between desired temperature and actual cabin temperature, automatic switching between heater and AC occurs.

Proper functioning isn't just important in terms of comfort, but also with regards to traffic safety. Foggy or frozen windows can effectively be remedied with the help of heating or air conditioning. With the aid of modern control units, the concern of high fuel consumption due to the AC being switched on is also unfounded.

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