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Be it exhaust manifold or water pump, gasket or complete gasket set: quality matters

Wherever individual parts are bolted together around the engine, a suitable gasket is required. This includes the exhaust manifold, turbocharger and cylinder head. But gasket is not simply gasket: the strenuous conditions like high pressures or heat require a good selection of materials, which must deliver both selective load capacity and durability. A complete engine overhaul or comparable application requires a so-called complete gasket set, which provides the right gasket for the cylinder head, turbocharger and water pump.

The gasket on the exhaust manifold, and also the complete gasket set experience heavy loads

The exhaust manifold can easily reach temperatures of up to 900 degrees Celsius when driving. Therefore the gasket must be made of metal or comparable heat-resistant materials. The turbocharger requires a gasket for its connection to the exhaust manifold and possibly also to oil and water connections. Here, depending on where it is installed, the focus is on temperature-resistance and also resistance to antifreeze, etc. The latter is also true for the water pump gasket.

Yet, when it comes to the cylinder head, the gasket is crucial for sealing towards the engine block to avoid oil and coolant mixing. In the medium term, this would cause damage to the engine itself, but also to auxiliary parts like the turbocharger and water pump. The gasket, which is either installed individually or as part of a complete gasket set needs to absorb the high pressure level prevailing inside the motor, without deformation. The same goes for the large temperature differences that result from switching between driving and idling. Also, resistance to motor oil and coolant is a must. In the meantime, metal gaskets are commonly installed between the engine block and the cylinder head and consist of several layers of spring steel, supplemented by wafer-thin layers of elastomer.

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