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Fuel system - nothing can work without it

Neglecting the diagnostics and maintenance of the fuel system is anything but advisable. If we consider the engine as the heart of the car, the fuel system is nothing less than its arteries. A properly functioning fuel system - from the fuel injection pump to the throttle valve - ensures that the engine is supplied with sufficient petrol, diesel, CNG or LPG. In this case it works in the optimum range under all driving conditions. Failure to service the fuel system can quickly lead to further damage to the vehicle or, depending on the extent of the failure, even to the risk of a road accident.

Carburetor or high pressure pump: everything for the fuel system in top quality

To avoid such problems, be sure to immediately replace corroded petrol lines, clogged filters, broken injection pumps as well as other defective components of the fuel system. Especially when it comes to premium segment vehicles such as Audi, BMW or Porsche, this quickly proves to be an expensive deal - at least, if you depend on the services of your dealer with regards to high-pressure pumps and other components. At rexbo we offer you an attractively priced alternative in excellent quality. In the 'Mixture Preparation', 'Fuel Pump' and 'Carburetor System' categories you will find everything you need for the fuel system repair - from throttle valves and fittings to carburetor repair kits and high-pressure pumps.

The parts sold at rexbo are great for the fuel system and the car as a whole - that’s for sure!