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Fuel filters can trap the finest particles in the fuel, preventing accelerated wear of the injectors and the pump. The service life of the components depends on the type of fuel. For instance, effective cleaning of diesel fuel is possible within 20,000–30,000 km of mileage, coarse filtration of gasoline — throughout 60,000–80,000 km of mileage, thin filtration — within 20,000–30,000 km.

What you should know about replacing fuel filters

  1. Deteriorated fuel efficiency is the main symptom of failure. Besides, the engine does not run at its full power, especially during acceleration or driving uphill. Alongside this, extraneous noise may be heard from the pump.
  2. Replacement of the component should be entrusted to specialists at a service station. This is a fire hazardous procedure, which, in addition, requires extreme accuracy during work.
  3. Before buying a fuel filter at our online store, check the state of joints and hoses. If necessary, order the new components, too. In this case, delivery of everything you need for repair will be cheaper.
  4. To extend the service life of a fuel filter, use only high-quality fuel. Besides, if you use a gasoline can, make sure it is clean. Any foreign particles that enter the system cause accelerated wear of its components.

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