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A/C filter driers are parts of the air conditioner intended for removing moisture and contaminations from the unit. They prevent the formation of acids and alkali, which prolongs the service life of the part. These components should be replaced in cases where the system has been depressurized or if the compressor breaks.

Important information about A/C filter driers

  1. Symptoms of A/C filter drier failure include the air conditioner functioning less efficiently, frequent disengagement of the compressor and freezing of outgoing hoses.
  2. Visiting a repair shop to replace this part is recommended. The work involves draining the refrigerant. After the replacement, the air conditioner will have to be charged. This operation should be performed only at a specialized centre.
  3. When you buy A/C filter driers, order O-rings as well. By installing all components simultaneously, you will save on delivery and on labour costs. In the catalogue of our online store, you will find a wide choice of components for automotive air conditioners. We run promotions so that you could buy them at the best price.
  4. To avoid component failure before time, it is important to monitor the integrity of houses and tubes, and airtightness of the joints of the air conditioning system. Use additives and sealants only as directed. Replace the compressor in good time.

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