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In modern cars, an increasing number of electrical and electronic parts are installed. Next to fundamental components, such as the battery, alternator or starter, cars may contain up to 70 control units as well as countless relays and sensors. Modern cars feature more and more sophisticated parts far beyond starter motors, alternators and such. And this is even true for vehicles of the medium class as well as small and compact cars. Of course, the guiding principle applies here, too: the more electric equipment is installed, the more can break.

Electric parts of all sorts - from starters to alternators to electronic control units

It is winter and your engine won't start - the battery is dead and must be replaced. The vehicle just makes a clicking sound when you turn the key - the starter has gone bad. Still though, damage to the electrical system isn't always easy to diagnose or fix. Has the wiring harness become torn and is now causing interference in the electrical system? Has fuel consumption increased due to a defective MAF sensor? A relay or control unit of the central locking system randomly refuses to function? In such a case, the diagnosis is very difficult. Once the fault is identified, however, you can use products from our product range to quickly and cost-effectively fix the problem.

Rexbo offers a replacement part for everything electric that can be found in modern cars. Our range includes simple relays, sensors, control units, air mass meters and even vehicle-specific cable harnesses.