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Engine cooling: without thermostat and fan, the vehicle will overheat

The engine cooling system ensures removal of heat generated during the combustion process and thus prevents damage. Otherwise, the motor oil would go beyond its maximum allowable operating temperature and lose its lubricating properties due to destruction of the lubricating film, which may lead to burnt valves. Nowadays, water cooling is used almost everywhere. It consists of the cooling circuit controlled by a thermostat, including a radiator and a fan.

Thermostat and fan: both responsible for engine cooling

The thermostat helps the engine to reach its operating temperature as quickly as possible and maintain that level. This is crucial for smooth and efficient operation. If the engine temperature is too low immediately after start or during low-load phases, the thermostat closes and returns the coolant directly to the engine via a so-called small cooling circuit instead of directing it into the radiator. For this purpose, the thermostat contains an expansion element, which is permanently surrounded by coolant and controls two valve plates once a preset temperature is exceeded. As the thermostat opens, the coolant heated in the small cooling circuit is mixed with the coolant that has passed through the radiator. The thermostat only fully opens when the engine heats up to a certain temperature, which prevents a sudden cooling and therefore helps to avoid shape distortion or cracks of engine parts, or other damage. Generally, this opening temperature is in the area of 90°C.

Another important component of the engine cooling system is the fan. This part is mounted in front of the radiator and usually connected to the alternator via a V-belt. The fan is activated by means of the corresponding thermal switches, which activate, for example, when engine operation goes beyond normal parameters. One of common reasons of that is long-time stops in traffic jams or slow-moving traffic in combination with high ambient temperature.

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