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Brake pads wear sensors simplify monitoring thickness of the friction lining, saving the car owner the need of regular inspection of these consumables. The service life of the components is not limited by a specified period.

What you should know about replacing brake pads wear sensors

  1. Failure of the electronic sensor is indicated by the fact that the corresponding warning light does not go on, however, breaking is accompanied by a screeching sound. In some cases, the faulty component triggers the warning light even if the friction lining is in good working order. Worn out mechanical indicators also make a distinctive sound.
  2. If the component is integrated into the brake lining, the entire unit should be replaced. But if it is an external one, it may be reused provided that it is in the proper state. However, many manufacturers recommend installing new brake pads and sensors simultaneously. At our online store, you can buy brake pads wear sensors and many other components of the system. Favorable conditions of our cooperation with suppliers give us the opportunity to set moderate prices and frequently hold promotions which help you save.
  3. The unit should be replaced at a service station, as the job requires using a lifting device and dismantling a wheel. In addition, in case of incorrect connection of terminals, they get damaged quickly, and the device stops operating.
  4. Wheel fasteners should be handled with a tyre wrench. Wear protective gloves to protect your hands from accidental injuries. During assembly, it is important to observe the torque indicated in the user manual to your vehicle.
  5. Avoid driving through deep puddles if possible. Water has an adverse effect on the state of the components.

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