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Parking brake cable transmits the force from the parking brake lever to the brake shoes/pads, pressing them against drums or discs, which provides locking the wheels. The cable requires regular check and tension adjustment. The cable does not have a strictly limited service life. With proper use, it can last for a long time.

What you should know about replacing the parking brake cable

  1. The need for replacement of the component is indicated by an increased travel of the parking brake lever. Sometimes, in contrary, the lever is jammed. In addition, when the component is faulty, the wheels fail to be locked during braking, which can be easily seen in attempting to stop the vehicle on a slope.
  2. The procedure of replacing the component depends on the design of the system itself: it may contain different numbers of cables. Besides, tips of the cables often differ in design, which also determines peculiarities of installation.
  3. Installation of a new component should be performed at a service station. The replacement process is quite labour-consuming. In addition, after completion of the work, the parking brake mechanism is to be adjusted.
  4. Before you buy a parking brake cable, check the state of brake shoes/pads: in most cases, it is reasonable to replace these components together. Especially since our online store provides a wide choice of kits that contain the necessary number of cables, mounting elements, seals, shoes/pads, and other components that may be required for repair.
  5. To avoid premature failure of the components, you should always disengage the parking brake system before driving. Try to regularly use the mechanism even if you do not have such a necessity: if it is not used for a long time, it may become jammed. Regularly lubricate the cable. This will protect it from abrasion and corrosion.

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