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Drum brake shoes are components of friction couples. When the pedal is pressed, they are pressed against the surface of the brake drums, thus stopping the vehicle. They may be used in the parking brake and in the service braking system. The shoes are to be replaced when the friction lining has worn down to a thickness of 2 mm. This usually happens after 60,000 to 70,000 km of mileage.

What you should know about replacing drum brake pads

  1. Drivers should regularly inspect the friction linings, approximately after every 30,000 km of mileage. It is therefore hard to fail to notice the wear of these components. However, one should immediately perform unscheduled diagnostics of the components, if the travel of the brake pedal or of the parking brake lever increased, or braking efficiency decreased, and extraneous sounds are heard from the components.
  2. Installation of new components is best left to professionals. This is a fairly labor-intensive process that requires certain skills. In addition, the design of the brake drum includes a lot of small elements. With the lack of experience, you may encounter difficulties when trying to correctly install them during assembly.
  3. Buy drum brake shoes together with self-adjusters, brake shoe springs, and fasteners: they are highly susceptible to corrosion, therefore, they often need replacement as well. In some cases, also new brake drums are to be installed. A wide choice of high-quality components is available at our online store. You can buy them at the best price.
  4. The components are to be replaced on both sides of an axle, using a kit. If new brake drums are installed, brake shoes are also to be replaced, even if their service life has not expired.
  5. To make the parts work long, regularly clean dirt from the brake components. Special chemical agents may be used for this purpose. Be careful: when starting off, do not forget to disable the parking brake, and give up the habit of keeping your foot on the brake pedal while driving. Avoid emergency braking, do not overload the vehicle.

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