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Brake hoses are elements that supply the pumped working fluid to the cylinders or calipers. The average service life of these car parts is 100,000 km or 5 years of operation regardless of the mileage since the rubber they're made of deteriorates over time.

What you need to know about replacing brake hoses

  1. Failure of the component may be indicated by the following symptoms: vehicle pulling to one side during braking, increased effort required to press the pedal, leakage of the working fluid. After long parking, traces of leakage may appear under the vehicle in the area of brake lines. The components are to be inspected during each replacement of brake pads or shoes — approximately every 25,000 – 30,000 kilometres of mileage.
  2. These car parts should be replaced at a service station only. After replacement, brakes are to be bled. Remember: even the slightest mistakes in brake system repair may cause its failure and a road accident.
  3. The components are to be replaced in a kit. If one hose is worn out, the others are also likely to have failed. When ordering brake hoses in an online store, remember to check if they fit the specifications of your vehicle. If you doubt whether you have chosen correctly, contact the specialists of our online support service for more information.
  4. To avoid premature failure of the spares you bought, choose them with regard to the vehicle operating conditions. For example, conventional rubber hoses are intended for lower loads than reinforced ones. It is also important that the working fluid corresponds to the anticipated load on the braking system. Take care to observe its replacement intervals. Make sure that the component is not twisted during installation.

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