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Brake discs allow reducing the speed and stopping the vehicle by friction which occurs when brake pads are pressed to them. The average service life is 80,000 – 120,000 km of mileage for the components for the front axle, and 130,000 – 170,000 — for the rear axle ones.

What you need to know about brake disc replacement

  1. The unsatisfactory state of these components is indicated by the vehicle pulling to one side during braking. Operation of faulty components is also frequently accompanied by vibration of the brake pedal and screeching noise in the unit.
  2. Replacement of the component is quite simple, therefore, with certain skills and proper equipment, you can replace them yourself. Keep in mind that this will require placing your vehicle on a lift, and removing the wheels. Usually, for removing the fasteners you will need spanners of a corresponding size. And a C-clamp is needed to secure the pads.
  3. These components are to be replaced in pairs for each axle. Therefore, it is recommended to order a kit of brake discs in an online shop. In addition, new brake pads should be installed at the same time.
  4. To avoid accelerated wear of the components, try reducing the probability of their overheating. It may result in deformation. In particular, after several sharp brakings, it is recommended to cool the components down by driving several dozens of meters at low speed.
  5. Do not leave the vehicle in a place where the components may contact water. This may cause their deformation due to the temperature drop. Moreover, prolonged contact with water may provoke corrosion of the elements.

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