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Wing mirrors allow the driver to see what is happening on the right and on the left side behind the vehicle. They allow safe maneuvering. Their service life is not limited.

Important information regarding wing mirrors

  1. New components are installed in case of mechanical damage. Cracks are visible during an inspection.
  2. The faulty wing mirror should be replaced at a repair shop, as most modern wing mirrors are fitted with electrical adjustments and can be electrically heated; therefore wing mirror replacement requires knowledge and relevant experience. Removing the door trim is also normally required. It is important not to damage the paintwork of the body.
  3. If you intend to buy heated or electric wing mirrors rather than standard ones, it is highly recommended to first check that these are compatible with your vehicle.
  4. Protective film can prevent scratches to the wing mirrors. It is inexpensive and also performs a decorative function.
  5. Wing mirrors surface should only be cleaned with the suitable car care products.
  6. When driving on gravel roads reduce speed so as to avoid damage to the wing mirrors caused by loose stones.

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