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Headlights illuminate the area in front of a vehicle. New headlights need to be installed in case of mechanical or thermal damage to the housing.

Important information about replacing headlights

  1. The main symptoms of problems with the headlamp are dim light or absence of light. During an inspection, cracks on the lens and drops of water on its inner surface may be seen.
  2. Before dismantling the faulty components, disconnect the negative terminal of the battery, and remove the front bumper. Take care not to damage the paintwork.
  3. For dismantling the fasteners, you will need the correct size screwdrivers or wrenches. If the headlight is attached with a sealant, heat the seal with an industrial dryer. After the new headlight is installed, make sure the cover is securely attached.
  4. Before ordering headlights in our online store, check the state of the fuse and other elements of external lighting. These parts can be purchased separately or in a kit.
  5. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations you should never use higher power bulbs on your car. Otherwise other components may get thermally damaged.
  6. We do not recommend using a dry hard cloth for cleaning the components as it can scratch the part.

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